About dasia

my story


Writing was a major tool for coping with the emotional abuse I endured with my boyfriend-turned-husband for over 7 years. It was my clarity and helped to give me a distant look at something I was too close to, to clearly see. And when writing wasn't enough I found strength in music. I would sing my feelings to Jesus and sing my prayers for help and strength. I discovered the greatest weapon through my pain.... worship. 

Thank God I got out of that situation with my 2 year old son, but what struck me was how easy it is to be in an emotionally abusive relationship and not even realize it! And then once you realize it, many don't understand why it's such a big deal. After all, he didn't hit you. 

This lead me to doing much research into emotional abuse, healthy relationships, generational abuse and mental health. Now I write and speak about emotionally abuse and mental health to help others.

Because I already had a digital marketing business, I knew how to use social media to spread a message many woman need to hear. I use digital marketing to teach and encourage as many women as possible. I continue helping small businesses with social media marketing and  take my craft seriously.

 I have invested close to $5,000 in courses on social media marketing and Facebook advertising and I continue to learn about it and surround myself with other marketers. I listen to Facebook marketing podcasts, copy-writing podcasts, and have a bunch of marketing friends who I can crack jokes with and only we laugh! Because writing is a strong skill of mine, I have discovered my knack for writing copy; copy for social media posts, copy for video ads, and sales copy. 

I take my experience, skills and passions to provide people with marketing services, emotional abuse education and steps to develop a deeper worship life. You may not need all of these services from me but whatever you need, I gotchu and I'm gonna execute with excellence. 

Much Love,

Dasia Prosper