About dasia


Who is Dasia?

Hi. I'm Dasia. I'm a mother, media buyer, writer, singer, and domestic violence survivor and advocate. 

I love worshipping Jesus with my acoustic guitar and have a heart to see people grow and heal in healthy relationships. 

I'm also the brains behind the operation to get leads for your business through facebook, Instagram and email. 

 I have invested close to $5,000 in courses on social media marketing and Facebook advertising and I continue to learn about it and surround myself with other marketers. I listen to Facebook marketing podcasts, copy-writing podcasts, and have a bunch of marketing friends who I can crack jokes with and only we get it! Because writing is a strong skill of mine, I have discovered my knack for writing copy; copy for social media posts, copy for video ads, and sales copy. 

I take my experience, skills and passions to provide people with marketing services, emotional abuse education. I am humbled that Jesus has called me to entrepreneurship and motherhood. Both are challenging but so fulfilling. 

Much Love,

Dasia Prosper